8C 艺术之家








8C The Art Home


8C used to be a factory building in 1960s. The exterior is covered by pure white, and the structure simple but attractive, which all endow it with en elegant temperament different from the surrounding buildings. 


With richness of texture, a massive wood door unexpectedly comforts every visitor of 8C. Entering the building, a private and mysterious negotiation area on the left, and a spacious and bright public area on the right where the stairway made of natural wood and transparent glass connects two floors; and the lightness, no matter what sunniness or illuminations it is, all could remarkably frame a fascinating painting there. 

Besides lofty living room, negotiation area, showing room, tearoom and dinning area, there is also an open kitchen serving for Chinese and western cooking, which all could meet the need of daily life. Indoor, a fireplace containing a fire could create the relaxing and warm ambiance; outdoor, a winter garden with tropical plantings where you can have a pleasant afternoon teatime with couples of friends. Stepping up to second floor here is divided into cozy bedroom and office area by aisle along with paintings, sculptures, and furniture; you could thereby encounter art in every corner. In the lofty living room, there is an independent stage designed specially for musical performance on which the spotlight and sight go up. The audiences leaning against the couch or sitting on stairs could comfortably enjoy the marvelous music. 


The architect is simple but comfortable, seemingly is an aesthetic feast but inherently withstands time and criticism owing to every detail properly arranged.